There’s a revolution going on in this country. And you’re in the fore-front of it, I’m delighted to have you here because nobody can stop this revolution. Our time has come.

I have in the past described what I think is important in a true revolution. One thing, I believe that the young people will respond if we have a true revolution going on and they’re involved and [we have] a lot of them right behind us here.

Also, another significant part of a revolution is music. If you don’t have the music, the spirit isn’t there. And when the music is original it is even more fantastic. I would like to thank Jordan for that wonderful song.

This country has shifted. I have witnessed our problems but when I staterd in the 1970s I sensed that the country was really embarking on the wrong track. And ever since the early 70s, I thought well we are going to end up with a financial crisis and overextended that nobody will ever have any idea how we got there. But I tell you what, by plotting along and inviting so many in to the understanding of our constitution and our traditions and how important liberty is, our movement is growing. Believe me, this country has shifted in the last four years.

Some in the media actually in a kidding way said “have you shifted to the mainstream” and I said “no way, the mainstream has shifted towards us. We are the mainstream!.”

You know there’s a couple issues that does distinguish our campaign and i know you know all of those but ill recite them once again. And those are certain issues that the other candidates, whether in this party or the other party, do not talk about. And that is, a renewal in a pro-American strong national defense foreign policy that makes sense!

I’ve studied the issue of war over many years. I was a draftee in the 1960s. I was in the military for 5 years. But this issue of war has always been a political winner, believe or not. The individual who knows how to propel and promote the cause of liberty and limited govt and peace, they generally are the winners in the campaign.

Let me give you a demonstration. I remember well in the first election that I was involved in. That was in 1952.  And that was Eisenhower. He was elected because he was sick and tired of that needless, undeclared UN war, the Korean war and he was elected to end that war.

So this whole idea that you have to be a liberal progressive democrat to be opposed to war is not wrong. Were proving the case that you can be a conservation libertarian constitutionalist and you can be strongly anti- illegal unconstitutional wars.

In 1968, Richard Nixon was elected. He was supposed to stop the Vietnam War, he didn’t do a very good job, but that was his job. He was supposed to. Took a few more years and tragically we still lost lives.

But even as recent as the year 2000, our candidate at that time was disgusted with the foreign policy of the previous administration before he was elected. And what did he say? We need a humble foreign policy. We need a non-interventionist foreign policy. We need to quit the nation building. And the people voted for him and they elected him. But we got more nation building than ever before and more war and more tragedy.

And low and behold we just had an election a couple of years ago and the opposite party the candidate became a symbolic peace candidate. So he runs and says were gonna end these wars and bring the troops home.  So he gets elected. And the strangest thing happened, immediately after he was elected, believe it not he won the Nobel Peace Prize. And what followed? The expansion of the wars, going into Libya and all of these other places. Now its very hard to even count how many countries were attacking with our bombs and our drone missiles and our CIA. Its way overblown. Its coming to an end. Good common sense should bring it to an end.  But it will come to an end because were flat out broke and that seems to me to be the most appropriate place to cut the spending immediately and bring our troops home!

I am thoroughly convinced that the philosophy of liberty if you apply it understand our traditions and understand our constitution it is the only way to achieve peace and prosperity, which should be our goal

Now there is another subject dear to our hearts because we understand it. We understand that counterfeiting is illegal and immoral. Its illegal and immoral for you to do it and you should be convicted of fraud and it’s a serous crime. Matter of fact, in the coinage act of 1792 they said counterfeiting, which is a national crime, the proper punishment for counterfeiting was death. That’s how serious they considered inflation. Who are the inflators now? What would ever happen if we applied the law to the inflators, the ones who are counterfeiting our money? And that is the reason that the solution is to end the fed.

You know, it might take us a year or two to end the fed, but one thing that we could do immediately we almost got it last year. We passed it in the house of representatives. Lets expose the fed. Lets audit the fed and know what theyre doing to us. We ended up getting a partial audit of the federal reserve and I guess nobody should be surprised in this crowd but we found out that the fed actually was dealing in about 15 trillion dollars in bailing out all their buddies whether it was Wall Street. Well It turned out that one third of that was going to foreign banks. I mean this is an outrage. And whether youre a conservative or a libertarian or a constitutionalist or a democrat a progressive or whatever. I think 90% of America say its time we know what theyre doing, they have no right to do this in secret.

The events will change things. Events sometimes drives the political activity. The wars will end. We will bring out troops home. I wish we would do it by just wise choices. And if elected that will be number one on the list is to bring the troops home. But eventually the troops will come home, hopefully not with a tragic financial crisis but that’s what we’re working for. Were printing money spending money deficits are exploding and no real resolutions in Washington. But most empires end for financial reasons. They destroy the currencies with a financial crisis. You would think we would have a memory of what just happened in 89. The Soviets went into this country called Afghanistan, overextended themselves, and they went bankrupt and their whole empire fell apart. So it will happen. Same way with the monetary issue. If we cant get the federal reserve out of the way theyre going to self-destruct because theyre working on a nonviable economic system. Paper money is never long lasting. Its lasted way longer than a lot of people expected. The world wide paper currency which is the dollar reserve standard has been around for 40 years and its on its last leg. So we better be prepared to have monetary reform and its not complicated. All we have to do is enforce the Constitution. No emitting bills of credit, which is paper money and only legal tender should be gold and silver. By limiting the production of money and the counterfeiting of money it limits the size of govt.  If theres unlimited printing of money theres unlimited govt and that’s what happened the past 40 years.: spending, deficits, intervention overseas, intervention here at home, endless entitlements. But its all coming to an end. This is what the financial crisis is telling, this is what the financial markets are telling us. It is ending, but right now were moving into the second phase of this economic crisis. We know about the financial crisis, we did everything wrong. We bailed out all the guys that were making a lot of money off it and dumped all of the bad debt on the American taxpayer. We are destroying the middle class and making it so they don’t even have their houses anymore.

So now is the time that we have to offer an alternative. The only problem is that many who have been in charge and many around the world know exactly what we know and theyre making their plans too. They would like to establish a new paper standard under the United Nations. We cannot allow that to happen.

So economic prosperity is intertwined with our foreign policy and our monetary policy. A lot of people ask, “What will you do on the first day to get jobs back in this country?” Well the first day, you have to announce the new policy and people would have to understand that that individual is very serious. It would change the tone of the country. It would shift and all of a sudden I believe that things would start to improve. But we do have to change the foreign policy, monetary policy, economic policy. We cannot believe in central economic planning through the federal reserve nor some bureaucrats and some politicians who think they know how your supposed to save your money.  It doesn’t work but its coming to an end. This is dangerous its serious but its also a wonderful opportunity. Its pointing out the failure. The failure of the Soviet system was clear evidence that it didn’t work and a lot of people have recognized this.  What were witnessing is the failure of the Keynesian model for economics of excess spending and printing press money and economic central planning. When we get rid of that system, what is left? Economic freedom, personal liberty, sound money, property rights, contract rights and peace because you have to stop spending the money overseas. This is a program that is clear and very certain that it can help and its not totally strange and new. It seems strange to us because we have drifted so far but it happens to be the philosophy of America, what made America great. If you follow the Constitution, that’s what you would have.  So we see this as a great opportunity, but were hoping for and I make no predictions. But I certainly hope we do well tonight matter of fact I hope we do very well tonight. That will send a powerful message, not for me personally, but for you and for what you stand for and what all Americans are coming are way for. It’s a statement of support and endorsement for the concept of liberty, the understanding how freedom works. Why have we become so frightened of freedom? People say if you don’t have all of this government, people will fall through the cracks. But what is happening now? More people than ever have been falling through the cracks. This is our opportunity to show how a free society and freedoms and sound money works. We are on the vanguard, we are leading the charge, the country is coming this way and lets hope and pray that this movement continues. I am very happy with this, its way beyond my wildest dreams. I could tell you what I thought would happen five or ten years ago. We are marching on, thank you very much!


Iowa Straw Poll

Posted: August 20, 2012 in AE Report

It was this day, August 13, 2011, that brought me the confirmation I needed in order to dedicate my being to discovering how deep the rabbit hole goes. The vehicle of psychological transportation I chose to kick off my journey towards enlightenment was the “Ron Paul Love-olution.” The speeches Dr. Paul delivered that day justified my decision to join the movement and progressively become a full-time liberty activist. The following is an account of my introduction into the liberty movement, originating from Congressman Paul’s life work, and my head-first dive into the rabbit hole;

The day started fairly early, around 5 AM. Originally, my friend Brittany was under the impression that she would be picked up at 9 AM. However, the more I reviewed the schedule of events, the earlier I realized we would have to leave. So with the largest iced coffee I could buy, I arrived at her house minutes before 6 AM, hoping the XL brew would overcome her disbelief of the hour. With the vision of meeting the new iconic figure in my life, I drove the whole five hours as time effectively as possible with four hours of sleep under my belt. We approached Iowa State University just before 11 AM and right in time to hear the doctor himself give a brief speech. From my seat close to the front, I was introduced to the sounds of the “love-olution” from a passionate performer known as Jordan Page. Among hundreds of red-shirted Ron Paul supporters, Jordan belted his tunes in the name of liberty on-stage with the Paul family. According to Jordan, that day was truly special because he experienced an open-hearted embrace from Ron like no time before in his career of opening for Dr. Paul’s rallies.

It was a special day for me as well. Not only did I get to listen to the doctor share the messages of individual liberty, but I was fortunate enough to snag his signature while he departed from a FOX news interview. Once I noticed this opportunity, Brittany fumbled through my backpack for my copy of Dr. Paul’s newest publication, Liberty Defined. She handed me the book that inspired me to make this Iowa trip and I then extended my arm out in front of Ron’s pathway with my book in-hand. I watched as Ron grasped my hardcover book, littered with yellow sticky notes, and autographed the first page. For the rest of the afternoon, I felt as if I was perched on a cloud comforted with excitement and appreciation.

Brittany and I then toured around the campus, visiting booths and other candidates’ campsites. The Santorum camp was in the far back with a long line for their free barbecue while the Bachmann camp was probably still busy busing-in Iowans from all over the state for votes. Little known fact about Ron Paul’s site, his campaign raised the most money out of all of the Republican candidates for the event with over $30,000 and therefore, they were given the first choice as to which site to use. As a result, the Paul people had the largest site on campus, sitting right in the front entrance of the event. Ron’s camp was filled with various booths for liberty-related organizations, free food from the grill and even activities for the kids including an Uncle Sam bounce house. But most importantly, Ron’s campsite had a sincerely genuine and uplifting atmosphere, as are all Ron Paul events.

During the main event in which each Republican candidate gave a speech, Brittany and I were eating sandwiches at Jimmy Johns since we were not allowed access into the auditorium without tickets that were only given to Iowa residents. In retrospect, I saved a few hours of my life by enjoying time with Brittany rather than trying to mute bogus rhetoric from each politician, except in Ron’s case of course. On our way back into the event, a Santorum volunteer attempted to give my friend a flyer. At first, she seemed as if she was going to grab it, but just before she did, she must have remembered my hatred for Santorum just in time and shrieked in horror before walking away. This moment was hysterical at the time and I wonder what the Santorum supporter must have thought after Brittany yelped in her face before instinctively grabbing the flyer. We then were able to catch a speech from Barry Goldwater Jr. as well as another one from Ron. While Ron was speaking, I sneaked over to Carol and asked her to sign my book under her husband’s signature.

On the way back home that Saturday evening from the straw poll, I took Brittany to a driving range at a nearby golf course. It was her first time and she always said how much she was interested in trying it. My clubs were covered up in my back seat the entire day as a surprise thank you for Brittany joining me on my initial journey of self-awareness through Ron Paul. She was not attracted to the freedom message as of yet, but she was interested in participating in an activity that I greatly enjoyed. And for committing her whole day to do something I am deeply passionate about, I knew she deserved something she desired in return.

“The Federal Reserve System is the central bank of the United States. It was founded by Congress in 1913 to provide the nation with a safer, more flexible, and more stable monetary and financial system. Over the years, its role in banking and the economy has expanded.”


In November of 1910, Republican Senate leader Nelson Aldrich rode a private railway car alone from New Jersey to Georgia with only 6 other passengers. One of them being his personal secretary and the rest were businessmen fashioning a career (or even a family dynasty) in banking, with the intentions of creating a monopoly of money for the United States. According to memoirs written by several of these men years later, the trip was so secretive because if the American public knew a new financial institution was formulated by the big bankers tied to Wall Street, the Federal Reserve Act would never have passed. Once they reached Jekyll Island (privately owned at the time), they began to discuss & mold the infrastructure of a central bank. After approximately 10 days of deliberating, the Aldrich Plan was completed and overtime was renamed the Federal Reserve Act in order to pass the Congress in 1913.


-Conducting the nation’s monetary policy by influencing the monetary and credit conditions in the economy in pursuit of maximum employment, stable prices, and moderate long-term interest rates

Supervising and regulating banking institutions to ensure the safety and soundness of the nation’s banking and financial system and to protect the credit rights of consumers

Maintaining the stability of the financial system and containing systemic risk that may arise in financial markets

Providing financial services to depository institutions, the U.S. government, and foreign official institutions, including playing a major role in operating the nation’s payments system


1915, May 7: Sinking of the Lusitania

What was the Lusitania?

A British passenger liner that sailed between Liverpool and New York on a regular basis. Its construction was designed by the British Admiralty (Royal Navy command) for the possible conversion into a ship of war.

In 1913, the Lusitania was dry docked for modification & soon became registered as an ARMED AUXILIARY CRUISER in the British Admiralty fleet less than one year before the start of World War I. The lower deck was stripped of all passenger accommodations and replaced with military cargo.

Became one of the most vital transporting ships of war materials, such as weapons & ammunition, between the U.S. and England during WWI. The captain of the Lusitania, Captain Dow, resigned in March of 1915 claiming he no longer could “carry the responsibility of mixing passengers with munitions and contraband.”

The “Official” Story

Captain William Thomas Turner was not following directives given by the British Admiralty in evading German U-boats.

The Lusitania sailed through German-infested waters and was hit by a torpedo nine feet below the water line on the starboard side. A second torpedo was then fired by the U-boat causing an even more fatal blow, sinking the ship in eighteen minutes. [Originally, Americans believed the 2nd explosion was caused by a 2nd torpedo, but Germany clarified by stating their U-boat only fired one. The 2nd explosion is still undetermined, but theories include coal dust, high-pressured steam lines or munitions cargo as ignitors of the eruption.] Shortly after the first torpedo hit, a second explosion was triggered which sank the ship within 18 minutes.

The captain’s experience as a merchant captain “undoubtedly inclined him to trust his own instincts over bureaucratic directives he didn’t fully understand.”


The Lusitania was carrying up to 6 million rounds of ammunition and over 1,200 cases of shrapnel shells, which clearly violated international neutrality treaties (since the U.S. was Neutral at that time).

In addition to transporting contraband, the ship’s cargo included many boxes that were later discovered to be mislabeled “cheese,” “lard” and other items. [Allegations raised claiming the mysterious boxes contained explosive materials to explain the cause behind the second explosion]

The German Embassy placed an advertisement in 50 newspapers, 1 week before the attack, warning Americans of the danger of traveling through “the waters adjacent to the British Isles” during this time of war. [U.S. State Dept. intervened and only 1 newspaper actually published the advertisement]

Captain Turner planned to meet Juno, a British Destroyer, off of Ireland’s coast for naval protection, but it never showed and the captain was not notified of any changed plans.

[THE LUSITANIA, almost 800 ft in length & over 44,000 tons, SANK IN 18 MINUTES WHILE THE TITANIC, almost 900 ft in length & over 52,000 tons, SANK IN 2 HRS 40 MINUTES.]

1941, Dec 7: Attack on Pearl Harbor

1964, Aug 4: Gulf of Tonkin incident

2003, March: Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction

[2005-2012: Iran’s Nuclear Program]


Muammar Kadafi [LIBYA]: Preparations for GOLD currency, Saddam Hussein [IRAQ]: Sold oil exports only in Euros







































RON PAUL= >$282,000

BARACK OBAMA= >$124,000

MITT ROMNEY= >$23,000

The troubles we experience today in resolving our economic turmoils stem from “patching up” our problems, rather than understanding how we got to this position in the first place. The reason our cost of living continues to soar and the value of our dollar continues to diminish is because of a failed monetary policy (in which the Federal Reserve continues to use). Besides the heavy spending that we need to cut overseas in foreign banks and militarism, we must end this operation between the Treasury and Federal Reserve where they, along with the big corporations (GSE’s), benefit from bailouts, interest rates and other intergovernmental transfers of printed/inflated money. They are indirectly monetizing the debt and it is slowly going to wipe out the middle and working class if we do not do something about this!

“Treating an interest expense as revenue when returned by the Fed to the Treasury is really an accounting shell game. Consider what the Fed has done. It has printed money by issuing one form of government debt to purchase other forms of government debt, Treasuries and MBS from government-backed Freddie and Fannie. The government (Treasury) pays interest to another government entity (Federal Reserve) on those assets, and when the funds are transferred back to the Treasury an expense is magically transformed into revenue. “ -Bob Eisenbeis, Cumberland Advisors’ Chief Monetary Economist (

End the Fed

Posted: September 4, 2011 in RESTORE THE DOLLAR

Congress has given all oversight of printing money to the Federal Reserve system, which they established in 1913. Similar to the current crises we face today with the ‘Super Congress’, our government established these organizations in order to dump the issues and power on them, rather than just have Congress deal with it (as written in the Constitution!). We need a newly reformed, limited government without unlimited spending across the globe, in which the US dollar can once again be prosperous.