The Alternative Education Report

A student, deprived of a constructive college curriculum, spends his Spring semester striving for a beneficial education elsewhere. He set out to explore the terrain of the sole Superpower in the new millennium, the United States of America. During his seven months of studying abroad, the self-determined student drove nation-wide, coast-to-coast, to observe the current condition of what was once the most prosperous, freedom-filled nation in Earth’s history. Initially, the apprentice of liberty sought guidance through Ron Paul, along with the movement he inspired to grow from his life’s work of speaking out on principle. From there, the independent study program branched out into several different directions, further bringing this pupil down the rabbit-hole. Not only was he introduced to the messages of freedom on a historical and philosophical level, but he discovered whole new chapters of life that seemed to be missing from the American public education system. A system of education that used to be ranked superior to all other countries, the U.S. has now depreciated its Education Index to as low as 21st in the world, based on adult literacy rate and gross enrollment ratio. Whether America’s quality public education system has been deliberately eroded or not, it is clear that a diploma in today’s economy will not be as beneficial as learning from real life experiences. As a result, this student thirsty for instruction chose the open road as a more powerful tool than a University degree that is tainted with intellectual limitations and years of servitude through a device called student loans. Soon after breaking away from the college campus and his sheltered life, the self-guided scholar  stomached the bitter taste of reality.

This report is a catalog of thoughts, concerns and cautionary tales stemming from real occurrences in the United States of America, the empire of the 21st century and prison-capital of the world.


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